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Would You Wear...?


Would You Wear...?
Plaid on Plaid
        Welcome to our new “Would You Wear…?” column! This column introduces trends that would perhaps challenge the status-quo (as far as wardrobes are concerned). It will usually feature a style that is either unfamiliar to you or requires a bit of daring on your part.
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        Fall is my favorite season of the year. Hands down. Yet, when I take a stroll in the park I’m beginning to feel more of a winter nip than an autumnal one. Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast and snow already graced the streets in N.Y. Is an early winter our fate? Maybe. But, I refuse to say “toodle-oo!” to autumn until it’s officially over (December 21st marks the beginning of winter).
       Until December 21st, I’m going to revel in everything that’s considered a hardcore autumnal cliché. This includes apple cider, crunchy leaves, and of course the subject of today’s post: plaid.  The question isn’t if you would wear plaid in general (because of course you would!). It’s “would you wear plaid on plaid?” Would you channel your inner Scottish spirit and double on this print? If the answer is a hearty yes, then behold the bagpipes are playing in ye honor.

Tory Burch Fall 2012 and Dries Van Noten Spring 2013 showcased this trend beautifully. 
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How would this fashion translate itself in our daily lives? In order to appear chicly creative, and not a mish-mash mess, ensure that your plaids share a similar color scheme and vary in size. (It’s the same concept that applies when you mix prints in general). Consider combining different textures as well to create a more luxurious feel.
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Plaid on Plaid in the Spring
Although many people (including me) tend to associate plaid with fall, it works beautifully for spring and summer as well. Dries Van Noten definitely proved that. Opt for feminine chiffon, airy cottons, and lighter colors for an uber-stylish yet seasonably appropriate look.

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Plaid Mixing on the Streets
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  once described plaid “as both rebellious and romantic.” It’s reminiscent of a 1950’s professor, with monocles perched on the tip of his nose and a Kafka clutched near his chest. Yet, it’s also evocative of a 1990 Kurt Cobain concert. Nirvana and grungy renegades embraced plaid with insouciance and, well, love. Perhaps this explains why I’m innately drawn to the pattern: It simultaneously reminds me of my attraction to the 1950s and nostalgia for my 90’s childhood. The “rebellious and romantic” nature of this plaid also reflects a bit of who I am. “I have a love/hate relationship with tradition” said my stuffy professor-slash-grungy rock star self. 
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What do YOU think? Is “plaid on plaid” a trend you would like to incorporate in your wardrobe or not? Is it a bit too “Scottish chic”for you or is it right up your alley?



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