Tuesday, November 6, 2012

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        Voting. It’s today’s prevailing and broadcasted subject. After the heated 2012 campaigns, after Obama’s rebuffs to Romney’s subtle (and at times not subtle) accusations and vice versa—the moment of truth is inching closer and closer.

        I must admit that I’m not politically savvy. When my brainy friends exchange befuddling political jargon, opinions, policies, and historical events, I simply offer a raised eyebrow and a blushed cheek. I wish I could fervently debate opposing sides and sound all politically astute and what not…but I voted! Isn’t that what matters the most in the end?
        I also encountered my 12th grade Political Science teacher today strolling along a main street in Brooklyn. I saw her for the first time in 5 years…you know, on a day when Political Science is just a tad more relevant to me (coincidence?) She was my teacher during the 2008 elections. I vividly remember her stating that she wanted Romney to be the Republican candidate because he’s “the most handsome.” I loved that teacher, mind you.
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         Ultimately, in spite of the rising tension between Democrats and Republicans and extreme analysis of who’s more equipped to govern this country, we are mere puppets in the Hands of the Chief President (a.k.a. G-d). We can only pray that the victor of this campaign significantly bolster our economy (oh G-d, please have mercy on the unemployed!), advance education, ensure that firefighters and policemen receive equal salary to A-list celebrities, and maintain the morality and values that are integral to many of us. MAY THE BEST MAN WIN.
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