Monday, November 19, 2012

Israel, we love you.

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         There is no need for elaboration on what is currently occurring in Israel. We know that Israel is liable to pointed fingers of blame. We realize that Israel is surrounded by a hurdle of ravenous wolves. I also don’t want to post a megila on this subject because social media and news pages are being filled with Gaza War updates. It truly makes the heart sink like a stone.
        We can only rely on our prayers, good deeds, and G-d’s mercy to safeguard soldiers and citizens alike. I know my previous post was about how “waiting” can subsequently lead to genuine appreciation, but a 2,000-year exile is a wait that seems never-ending.  
     A spontaneous rally in support of Israel. Times Square, November 15th 2012:  
Israel, we love you. Let's return to your borders in peace and joy.

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