Thursday, November 29, 2012

Would You Wear...?


Would You Wear...?
Plaid on Plaid
        Welcome to our new “Would You Wear…?” column! This column introduces trends that would perhaps challenge the status-quo (as far as wardrobes are concerned). It will usually feature a style that is either unfamiliar to you or requires a bit of daring on your part.
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 Blair Eadie from
        Fall is my favorite season of the year. Hands down. Yet, when I take a stroll in the park I’m beginning to feel more of a winter nip than an autumnal one. Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast and snow already graced the streets in N.Y. Is an early winter our fate? Maybe. But, I refuse to say “toodle-oo!” to autumn until it’s officially over (December 21st marks the beginning of winter).
       Until December 21st, I’m going to revel in everything that’s considered a hardcore autumnal cliché. This includes apple cider, crunchy leaves, and of course the subject of today’s post: plaid.  The question isn’t if you would wear plaid in general (because of course you would!). It’s “would you wear plaid on plaid?” Would you channel your inner Scottish spirit and double on this print? If the answer is a hearty yes, then behold the bagpipes are playing in ye honor.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Take 2
         I enjoy eclectic and varying viewpoints on interpretive fashion. This explains why I chose to feature two women who contrast in their age, region, and role in the fashion industry for November’s St-EYE-listas. This month's first St-EYE-lista was J.Crew’s Creative Director Jenna Lyons. She’s been in the fashion business for a good amount of years and is globally famous for her role in America’s top-selling brand. Who then is the second style icon of the month? Doina Ciobanu, a young woman in her late teens from Moldova. Now, how's that for a different point-of-view?
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         Unlike Jenna,  Doina has not yet reached the pinnacle of an illustrious fashion career, but in the direction she’s headed, that should become her destiny! Doina Ciobanu tiptoed her way into fashion fame when she started her blog “The Golden Diamonds” in 2010. Since then she has been featured in Vogue Russia, Vogue Paris, Elle China, and Harper's Bazaar. Doina has also caught the eye of renowned street style photographers such as The Sartorialist. In fact, The Sartorialist’s photo was my first introduction to Doina.
Here it is:
I love this photo of Doina. Her striking gaze, vintage floral dress, and killer shoes truly stand out in the crowd (as does the woman in the green shawl and blue dress! Perfect).

Sunday, November 25, 2012

         Dear college students, I’m sure midterms recently snaked their way into your life (for better or for worse). Either way, they’re over! Whew. I hope you celebrated your midterm finale with a glass of your favorite champagne and soap opera. Kidding. There are even better ways to celebrate…like enjoying quality time with your family and friends over Thanksgiving break.     
        Yet, now the holiday is over and you’re bound towards your college classroom. Is there a way to perk up the rest of your semester? How can you tackle another round of Greek and Roman History? Actually, never mind History. What about Organic Chemistry? Hmm?!
Well, I can’t help you with the befuddling facts and figures that you must confront, but I can offer one itsy, bitsy tip. What’s that itsy bitsy tip? Dress for the part. Seriously. It has 2 benefits:
1) Confidence: You’ll be more astute when you argue with your professor (about why you deserve an A of course) when you’re wearing an outfit that makes you feel good, as opposed to a dull, uninspired one. Take my word.
2) Self-Expression: I know this may sound ridiculous, but I’ve realized through my own experience that experimenting with clothing is one of the coolest aspects of college. Mull this over: Once you hit the end of the collegiate road and start working, your dress code will be quite restrictive. Of course, not all work environments have uptight dress codes, but still…you can’t exactly toss on your idiosyncratic sweater or well-loved but scuffed boots. Your boss will prefer polished over punk--unless he’s the CEO of Vespa, in which case, go ahead and rock your studded vest.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


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Wear Your Invisible Crown

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Anna Karenina

Anna Karenina Collection in Banana Republic
         I finally picked up a copy of Anna Karenina at a local book shop. Five dollars! Definitely one of the best ways I spent five dollars. Like many classics, the beginning can be a bit slow-paced, but once you dig into the meat of the story…ah, then what a pleasure. I am only up to Part 2 of this gargantuan tale, but Mrs. Karenina has already swept me away in her tale of twisted passion and suppressed yearning.
        Tolstoy’s masterpiece has been filmed and is currently playing in theatres now! I’ve only seen the trailer and was practically drooling over the breathtaking cinematography and costumes.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Israel, we love you.

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         There is no need for elaboration on what is currently occurring in Israel. We know that Israel is liable to pointed fingers of blame. We realize that Israel is surrounded by a hurdle of ravenous wolves. I also don’t want to post a megila on this subject because social media and news pages are being filled with Gaza War updates. It truly makes the heart sink like a stone.
        We can only rely on our prayers, good deeds, and G-d’s mercy to safeguard soldiers and citizens alike. I know my previous post was about how “waiting” can subsequently lead to genuine appreciation, but a 2,000-year exile is a wait that seems never-ending.  
     A spontaneous rally in support of Israel. Times Square, November 15th 2012:  
Israel, we love you. Let's return to your borders in peace and joy.

Parshat Toldot

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        The very beginning of Parshat Toldot is what I ruminated over this past week. In the first chapter of Parshat Toldot we discover that our matriarch Rivka is barren. In fact, she was barren for 20 years of her life. She and her husband Yitzchak were deeply distraught and consistently prayed to G-d for children.
         Since 1st grade, my teachers have lectured that righteous individuals (such as Yitzchak and Rivka) do not receive their heart’s desires right away. Instead, they are inclined to pore over their prayer book with continued fervor and faith, beseeching G-d for what they need. When our innocent faces puckered with puzzlement over this, our teachers would enthusiastically state: G-d yearns for the prayers of righteous people. This is why He does not deliver what they ask for right away.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Color Coding: Cobalt

  Last month’s color was the rich, highly sophisticated, and sultry oxblood. This month’s COBALT is equally rich, but possesses more of an energy and buoyancy. Let’s just say that I have a crush on cobalt.
        I not only crush on it because it’s the season’s boldest hue, but also because it has the distinct ability to add a glow to many skin tones and features. Think about it: Cobalt beautifully highlights light eyes and intensifies dark ones. It adds depth and verve to whatever you wear.
Here’s a peek of how to wear this divinely vivid hue:
Full On Cobalt
Actress Uma Thurman dazzles in a form-fitting cobalt Armani Prive dress. The beauty of this dress truly motivates me to bail out on black the next time I have an evening event.
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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Graphic Sweatshirts

It’s Just A Little Bit Graphic...
        Graphic sweatshirt. What is that reminiscent of? Weekends spent on the sofa with beer and chips? Your middle-school pajama top? The one that  proudly boasted your Backstreet Boys fandom? (Ah! Those were the days). But let's rewire our attitude towards this "lazy Sunday" staple. 

        The graphic sweatshirt has debuted as one of the season’s hottest trends. Believe it or not, slipping on your college or bird-print sweatshirt is actually au courant. My fellow “creatures of comfort”: Our dreams have finally come to fruition. It turns out that fashion CAN be deliciously comfortable.
        Those who consider this trend to only be “teenage-friendly” should realize that graphic sweaters look surprisingly sophisticated when paired with knee-length pencil skirts. Many S/S 2013 Fashion Show’s attendees paired a Kenzo Fall 2012 sweatshirt with a ladylike skirt and polished heels. The result was a fascinating balance of spunk and spiffiness. I love that.
Let's take a look at some of Fall 2012's graphic sweatshirts!

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Parshat Chaya Sara

        I apologize for the belated post on the weekly Parsha. I had a spontaneous weekend getaway—very spur of the moment. I was considering in forgoing writing about the Parsha (since Shabbat already passed), but then I realized that it’s Parshat Chaya Sara and the biblical character I am named after (Rivka/Rebecca) is introduced and wedded in this Torah portion. How can I possibly spring past this personally meaningful Parsha and meander into trivialities?
       Aside from that, this Parsha is especially relevant to singles because it deliberates upon the union of marriage. Commonly referred to as the “Shidduch Parsha,” Chaya Sara often draws lectures concerning dating and matrimony from Rabbis’ and teachers’ lips.
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        Do I have any sermons about courtship and walking down the aisle? Hmm…let’s see…Well, I’ve seen the most genuinely kind and noble-hearted individuals (who are educated professionals and good-looking to boot!) being suctioned into a quicksand of loneliness and jaded dating experiences. I’ve also seen infantile and flighty individuals bask in the spell of fresh love and find their intended sooner than you can pop champagne and holler “Mazal Tov!” So, no, I clearly don’t have any sermons about this confounding labyrinth we like to call dating. I’m still as bewildered as the next single person. With very few exceptions, the whole notion of dating and marriage has left me scratching my head more than any other subject.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Volunteering post Sandy

I’ve Got Your Back
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      There is a slushy coating of snow in early November--causing further harm to Hurricane Sandy victims. Many of us are still expecting a clown puppet to spring out of a toy box and squeak “April Fools!” but then we realize that we are quite distant from April and that this is far from a hoax. This is our reality: N.Y. has once again tiptoed over autumn (all too quickly) and sashayed into weather on steroids.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

USA themed cakesPinned Image
        Voting. It’s today’s prevailing and broadcasted subject. After the heated 2012 campaigns, after Obama’s rebuffs to Romney’s subtle (and at times not subtle) accusations and vice versa—the moment of truth is inching closer and closer.

        I must admit that I’m not politically savvy. When my brainy friends exchange befuddling political jargon, opinions, policies, and historical events, I simply offer a raised eyebrow and a blushed cheek. I wish I could fervently debate opposing sides and sound all politically astute and what not…but I voted! Isn’t that what matters the most in the end?
        I also encountered my 12th grade Political Science teacher today strolling along a main street in Brooklyn. I saw her for the first time in 5 years…you know, on a day when Political Science is just a tad more relevant to me (coincidence?) She was my teacher during the 2008 elections. I vividly remember her stating that she wanted Romney to be the Republican candidate because he’s “the most handsome.” I loved that teacher, mind you.
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         Ultimately, in spite of the rising tension between Democrats and Republicans and extreme analysis of who’s more equipped to govern this country, we are mere puppets in the Hands of the Chief President (a.k.a. G-d). We can only pray that the victor of this campaign significantly bolster our economy (oh G-d, please have mercy on the unemployed!), advance education, ensure that firefighters and policemen receive equal salary to A-list celebrities, and maintain the morality and values that are integral to many of us. MAY THE BEST MAN WIN.
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Monday, November 5, 2012

St-EYE-lista Jenna Lyons

        Welcome to the first part of November's St-EYE-lista. Remember that column? We've already featured the style renegade Alexa Chung and the "Modest Muse" Olivia Palermo. Who are we shedding the limelight on this month you ask? The inimitable Ms. Jenna Lyons, Creative Director of J. Crew. If you're like me and you tend to pore over J. Crew catalogues like they're your GED practice booklet, then you simply must read about the leading lady who works the backstage and forefront of this iconic brand.
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        I can assure you that Jenna Lyons dwells on my fashion pedestal. Her tall frame is lounged across her gold throne. She sits there with her impeccable denim J. Crew jacket tucked into her silky, fuchsia evening skirt. Her eyes are framed with the ubiquitous hipster glasses and her feet are graced with patent ebony stilettos. Perhaps there is a glass of sparkling water in her hand. Or is that a martini? I can’t tell. Either way, this portrayal evokes eclectic elegance and endearing whimsy in my mind.

Friday, November 2, 2012

An End to This Horrific Week, Parshat Veyeira, and Children
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         The East Coast is still reeling from Hurricane Sandy. Areas in NY such as the Rockaways and Staten Island, as well as towns in New Jersey, are straining to salvage whatever they can from their flooded homes. Their power is still weakly wavering, they are waiting an hour for a pump of gas, and their grocery markets can’t even supply basic items such as milk or flashlights (being that they’re all sold out). As we’ve mentioned in a previous post, our hearts and thoughts are with those who have suffered terribly as a result of this natural disaster.
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         It seems as though the earth itself is sagging from the weight of her inhabitants’ financial, personal, and emotional turbulence and is reacting by “letting off steam”  or “blowing a fuse” (literally and metaphorically). Obviously, Hurricane Sandy’s devastation is what mainly occupies NY and its citizens. It occupies my mind as well. Yet, in midst of all this chaos and calamity, I can’t help but think about another NY tragedy that occurred merely a week ago. I’m referring to the unspeakable event that occurred in Manhattan involving a nanny, two young children, and an unsuspecting mother returning home from work. I don’t want to flicker a smile off your face and replace it with a grimace or a frown, but I don’t feel it’s respectful to proceed forth in my blog without giving mention to this horrific action either. Our hearts are still aching for the father and mother who have to endure this immeasurable pain.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ms. Duma and Her Coats
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           November 1st:  The weather slowly slips from a teasing nip of wind (or ironically not so teasing--Holler to Hurricane Sandy) to hints of winter frigidity. In other words, our fall jackets will soon be replaced by winter coats. Like journalist Amanda Fortini, I too once believed that winter coats were “the sartorial equivalent of a pie crust: an inferior exterior ruining the whole darn thing.” Your precisely coordinated outfit, your sleek pencil skirt, and your ironic sweater are all captives under the prison you call a coat. The question remains: How can you not bear a slight grievance against your winter shield?
           The answer is: Get motivated to no, not wear, but flaunt your winter topper like Russia’s ex-Harper’s Bazaar editor (currently freelance writer) Miroslava Duma. Miroslava Duma’s experimental and show-stopping personal style will be featured in an upcoming “St-EYE-lista: The Editor’s Version” column (which begins in January). Until then—let’s focus on Duma’s ability to work a winter coat like nobody’s business. Her coat collection consists of vivid color, intricate pattern, and high-end designer labels—you know, the kind of coats a university student or freshly employed young woman would surely have in her wardrobe (insert stifled snort or roll of the eyes right here).