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Take 2
         I enjoy eclectic and varying viewpoints on interpretive fashion. This explains why I chose to feature two women who contrast in their age, region, and role in the fashion industry for November’s St-EYE-listas. This month's first St-EYE-lista was J.Crew’s Creative Director Jenna Lyons. She’s been in the fashion business for a good amount of years and is globally famous for her role in America’s top-selling brand. Who then is the second style icon of the month? Doina Ciobanu, a young woman in her late teens from Moldova. Now, how's that for a different point-of-view?
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         Unlike Jenna,  Doina has not yet reached the pinnacle of an illustrious fashion career, but in the direction she’s headed, that should become her destiny! Doina Ciobanu tiptoed her way into fashion fame when she started her blog “The Golden Diamonds” in 2010. Since then she has been featured in Vogue Russia, Vogue Paris, Elle China, and Harper's Bazaar. Doina has also caught the eye of renowned street style photographers such as The Sartorialist. In fact, The Sartorialist’s photo was my first introduction to Doina.
Here it is:
I love this photo of Doina. Her striking gaze, vintage floral dress, and killer shoes truly stand out in the crowd (as does the woman in the green shawl and blue dress! Perfect).

What draws street style photographers and magazine editors to this Moldovan girl? I believe it’s her ability to define her own style guidelines in spite of being at an age where one is either susceptible to following trends blindly or, conversely, not caring about them at all.

The best way to describe Doina is as "an edgy little Mademoiselle Coco that has adapted to 21st-century fashion.” No sloppy outfits and lackadaisical throw-togethers for this teen. Instead, her style and posture reflect an enviable Parisian chic; a sense of youth and vibrancy meshed with an appreciation for classic silhouettes.
Let’s take a peek at Doina’s style here!
 The Professional “Parisian”  

A silky button-down loosely tucked into a midi pencil skirt lends an effortless twist to Doina’s ensemble. The vivid colors and alluring sandals also keep it youthful and fresh.
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Doina’s style is very adaptable: Dark turtlenecks, feminine shapes, and unexpected accessories like a silk scarf create French-like beauty.
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Stuck in a work-wear rut? Wearing the same dress every day? Doina tends to invest in classic staples (like a quality purse and versatile skirt) and adds life to them by layering, combining prints, and including stand-out accessories.

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Elegant Dates
I wish I could have the lovely pieces that Doina has hanging in her closet, but even if I am on tight budget, it’s still possible to strike that elegant “going-out” look. Lace, flared skirts, heeled booties, and rich prints are beautifully feminine without being frou-frou.
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Quirk it up
Although Doina leans towards quality tailoring and sophistication, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she won't take risks. Below she color-blocks and mixes prints, but the lady-like silhouette of her clothes and shoes temper the “attitude.”
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Can you rock a peppermint candy dress with red heels?

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We hope you enjoyed the second part of this month’s St-EYE-lista. Take a cue from her and internalize that personals style is just that: personal. It doesn’t matter if you come from a tiny country like Moldova (which may not necessarily appreciate fashion) or if you’re on the cusp of adulthood, you can still express yourself and enjoy the process…just like Doina.
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