Thursday, November 15, 2012

Color Coding: Cobalt

  Last month’s color was the rich, highly sophisticated, and sultry oxblood. This month’s COBALT is equally rich, but possesses more of an energy and buoyancy. Let’s just say that I have a crush on cobalt.
        I not only crush on it because it’s the season’s boldest hue, but also because it has the distinct ability to add a glow to many skin tones and features. Think about it: Cobalt beautifully highlights light eyes and intensifies dark ones. It adds depth and verve to whatever you wear.
Here’s a peek of how to wear this divinely vivid hue:
Full On Cobalt
Actress Uma Thurman dazzles in a form-fitting cobalt Armani Prive dress. The beauty of this dress truly motivates me to bail out on black the next time I have an evening event.
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Stella McCartney's Fall 2012 collection boasts modest cobalt dresses. Like Uma Thurman, the Stella McCartney models slick their hair back in a polished bun.
The simplicity of the hairstyle ensures that this mesmerizing color shines.

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Cobalt dresses become a genuine stand-out when accessorized with statement jewelry.  One special necklace or clutch is enough to highlight the color. If you’re too harried to dabble with a slicked bun, then tousle your waves carelessly. It lends a relaxed, innately cool contrast to the color’s “passion” and intensity.  These two women, a fashion show attendee photographed by The Sartorialist (left), and actress Ellen Pompeo (right), definitely know how to rock this hue.
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Well, well, well...It seems this color has snatched itself a couple of royal fans. But what else would you expect from a color that's royal in its own right? There's good reason why cobalt is also known as "Royal Blue." Kate Middleton is her usual impeccable self in Erdem and Reiss dresses. Queen Elizabeth her fashion role model after all?
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Cobalt+Black. Cobalt + Neutrals.
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A richly hued Hermes is eye candy (right), as is actress Cate Blanchett's luxurious purse.
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Allow cobalt to affect your mood in all of its lush and vivacious glory. Twirl your royal blue dress at a wedding, click your cobalt heels at work, fasten a lapis necklace over your blouse. Give standard black, beige, and grey a rest...unless you're pairing it with this blue of course.



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