Monday, October 15, 2012


Wear Your Invisible Crown.
        When I told a confidante of mine the title of this hush-hush, upcoming blog she half snickered and half chuckled (she “snuckled?”). She commented that this title conjured images of little girls frolicking in a mythical storybook land and donning an imaginary princess’s crown to fulfill their five year old, Cinderella-esque desires. When I heard this, I began to fret. Was this the association that the blog’s title would convey? If so, then should we change it? After all, Tiara and I wish to start a blog for young Jewish women--not toddlers who play make-believe in between Arthur re-runs and nap time.  

Instead of fanciful implications, we want the blog’s title to portray female Jewish pride and empowerment--perhaps like a heimishe version of Rosie the Riveter? It is our objective to foster an online community for young Jewish women (late teens and twenties) who are navigating their niche in this big, bad, beautiful world. We realize that the proverbial “Jewish American Princess” may not always feel like royal material, especially when daily vicissitudes creep past the yawning guards and slither into her castle. Confounding college courses, an economic recession, a humdrum 9-5, and/or relationship conundrums may be daily fodder for the single Jewish woman. It is our firm desire to have a website that will create unity, positive energy, and a spark of creative stimuli among young Jewish women from various communities. Tiara and I aspire to combine our Ashkenazic and Sephardic backgrounds and our varied Jewish outlooks to add diversity and an eclectic twist to our blog. Below are our objectives:

So, nu, vus smachsta? (Is that how you spell it? I don't know my Yiddush. Oy vey.)
 We look forward to informing readers about various Jewish community happenings

A Beautiful Mind  
Mayim Bialik. A Jewish actress and neuroscientist.
  • We would like to motivate readers to translate their visions of creativity into reality.
We are consistently drawn to and inspired by young Jewish female talent—whether they are artists, photographers, musicians, dancers, social activists, etc. We will include interviews with such members of our community.
Fashion Shmashion!
  • Is your Kiki Riki too close for comfort? Is your ubiquitous denim pencil skirt receiving way too much time in the spotlight? We totally get you.  As professed fashion geeks, we are looking forward (perhaps a bit too much) to posting Fashion/Personal Style entries and how one can incorporate them into her modest style of dressing. This will be one of the central focuses of our blog--so you have been officially forewarned if you see lots of posts on Fashion/Personal Style.
A Queen of Hearts + Her King of Spades 
  • Dating. You thought we would be cowardly and flicker off that potentially iffy subject, right? Wrong. As Jewish American Princesses, we believe that we are entitled to our Jewish American (or British, or French, or Israeli, or Persian) prince. However, walking the often twisted, yellow-brick road to matrimony may not be as fairy-tale-like as we once fabricated it to be. Never mind that. We aspire to create an online community of discussion, support, and just plain sisterly  understanding. We want to hear your dating stories girls! The good, the bad, and the ugly…and of course, what you learned from them (how could we ever forget that crucial point?) E-mail these giggly, goose-pimply, or  cringe-worthy stories to for possible publication. The same goes for your college or work-related adventures! (which we will also post about).  
        With all this being said, perhaps my confidante did have a point when she "snuckled" about the blog's slightly saccharine and girlish title. Yes, we are  striving for a strong sense of empowerment and flourishing creativity, but aren't those the exact qualities that glowed within our once five year old selves? The five year olds who frolicked in the aforementioned storybook land?  As children, we knew how to live in the present, to not only be proud of our Lisa Frank sticker collection, but also of who we were as individuals. Our youthful hearts and minds already knew what Albert Einstein had come to realize only later on in life: "Imagination is more important than knowledge." Wear Your Invisible Crown's objectives personify (or so we hope) these characteristics: Exploration of the self through creativity and day-to-day experiences, innate pride in our heritage, and the confidence that we are indeed genuine royalty.

We hope you check in with us and leave your thoughts and opinions. We can't wait to hear from you!

Tiara and the Beckster


  1. I enjoyed this post immensely. The snuckles bit had me laughing out loud, as did your Yiddish ("vus machst du" may be more accurate, although my Yiddish is nothing to write home about).

  2. Why thank you L & F! Haha. My Yiddish sucks. I'm Sephardic...sorry! Will correct that bit. Thanks for pointing it out :)

  3. I'm Ashkenaz and my Yiddish sucks too!

    Anytime :-)