Friday, September 21, 2012

About Me: Tiara

Name: Tiara

Occupation: Aspiring Writer and College Student in NYC

Dream Destinations (Besides Israel): Traveling On a Gondola In Venice, Eating A Croissant In A Writer’s Cafe In Paris, Going to any art museum where the galleries don’t end

Accessory That I Can’t Live Without: A headband with a royal peacock feather

Modest Muse - Olivia Palermo or Kate Middleton?
Au Contraire to the Beckster, the Duchess of Cambridge is the ultimate modest muse. Always prim and proper with her gorgeously eccentric hats, shimmery tights, and ladylike gloves and handbags, Kate Middleton has brought elegant modest style back into fashion, showing to us that hats are not just for shul and that you can be cool and still wear your stockings :)

Fashion Faux Pas: First and foremost, excessive frowning. This unfortunately may come without realizing, especially if one has a bad case of the Mondays but nevertheless it is always important to smile. If that is too difficult, one should try to remember something she accomplished that day and then savor the pride one felt with that accomplishment.

Hobbies: Reading, writing, notebook sketching, making collages, pretending to play piano, attempting to waltz, trying to solve crosswords with pens, singing in the shower, catching up on missing sleep with queen-size doses of cafeteria cappucinos (not Stabucks but hey, they get the job done.)

If I Were Queen For A Day I Would:
I would also have a round-the-clock chef to serve me oodles of noodles, my favorite treat, and rent an entire beach to myself and my girlfriends for a fun day of surfing, swimming, and parasailing. Indulgences aside, I would also construct libraries in developing countries all over the world because as cheesy as it sounds, knowledge is power! I love to read and would also hope to share literacy with others through this initiative.

What An Invisible Crown Means To Me:
When you wear the invisible crown, you will carry yourself with pride knowing that as a Jewish woman, you will always be Hashem’s princess and no one can ever take that away. A Jewish princess is not defined by the label of the clothing she wears or the type of crowd she associates with, but  rather people look at her with awe because she doesn’t flaunt it, she KNOWS she’s got it! As Hashem’s princess, she always looks beautiful and polished but this is accomplished with modesty, refinement, and class as opposed to the latest haywire teeny-bopper trends. When she sees an injustice, she is fierce and speaks up about it, she could care less about what people think. When she sees someone who could use a cheering up or a small dose of kindness, instead she gives her whole heart and smiles, she is way too good and secure in her self-esteem to snub others with her nose in the air. When one dons the invisible crown, one can’t help but act as a royal one should, as all have been created in G-d’s image b’tzelem Elokim, we are all descendents of the King of All Kings.

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