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Rework it!
Getting the Maximum Out of Your Maxi
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     So while you were bidding a weepy farewell to your gauzy floral dresses, bright cotton t-shirts, and well-worn sandals by shelving them in the back of your closet, I was sitting by my desk, chewing on gummy worms, and writing an article advising you not to do just that. Alas, telepathy isn't our speciality! What a shame. Because, you see, now you are just going to have to "unshelf" all that spring clothing and bring it to the forefront. After all, they were getting lonely back there.
     Why am I so adamant about not burying your spring/summer garments in the dusted coffin of time? Simply because I believe that adapting them into your fall/winter wardrobe is:

1) A GREAT penny-pinching tip and,
2) Motivates creativity and thinking out of the proverbial box.

Who said autumn and winter were only about leather, tweed, and wool, right?

     In today's column, I will focus on transitioning your spring/summer maxi skirt into the fall. Who doesn't love the benefits of a maxi skirt? A maxi skirt is comfortable (never underestimate that), conceals legs that haven't been *ahem* groomed in several days, and is effortlessly modest. Curious as to how you can transform this breezy spring classic into an autumn go-to? Read on.
Girl Next Door 
Striped tops paired with richly colored maxi skirts emit a playful yet polished vibe. Consider pairing classic stripes with an autumnal hued maxi (burgundy, orange, mustard yellow, etc.) Top it with a vibrant scarf (as shown below) and you'll look very fresh. Bonus point for a waist-cincher.

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Another clever and stylish way to "maximize your maxi" is to pair it with a casual top and then layer a thick, sheepskin vest (or any other warm vest). NYC socialite Olivia Palermo depicts how this look can be autumn-friendly and casual-cool.

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Or dare to wear heeled booties with your maxi skirt to keep warm and nonchalantly chic in the crisp fall air. A structured bag adds contrast to your flowing maxi. (P.S. Versatile stripes are at it again!)

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Bonnie Tsang

And finally, to those who are wary of bright colors, trendy vests, and heeled booties, you can still enliven a maxi skirt by adding a scarf and at least one bright accessory or item of clothing. The picture below is a superb example of laid back yet cool fall style.

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Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific

All these outfits are perfect for morning errands, brunch with friends, or evening strolls.

As I'm sure already know, a leather motorcycle jacket provides excellent contrast to an ethereal, flowing maxi skirt or dress. I'm a sucker for ensembles that incorporate both the masculine and feminine.

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Louise Ebel

Pair a leather motorcycle jacket with floral, chiffon, or lace and you'll feel like you're cruising a hot pink Harley down Champs Elysees. (Okay, not quite...but it doesn't hurt to imagine that.) This pairing is quite versatile (depending on the casualness/formality of your skirt). You can wear it in the daytime or even on a date. Score another bonus point if your date actually arrives at your doorstep on a Harley.

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If leather isn't your cup of tea, then consider throwing on a parka, camo, or denim jacket over your whimsical maxi. Now, that's my version of a Downtown Princess.

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Strut your casual elegance, my urban highness.

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Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific

Wearing a sweater (whether partially tucked in or belted) over a maxi skirt has a slightly vintage feel. I'm also drawn to the autumnal feeling of coziness that it gives. If I wear this, then I would be inspired to go to the park with a cappuccino in one hand and Wuthering Heights in the other. Bookworm Chic, anyone? 

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So now that you've seen how you can accommodate your spring/summer maxi skirt into your fall/winter wardrobe, tell me, why would you ever want to send it to a secluded corner in your closet? Now, if only we can work on the telepathy...

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