Tuesday, October 30, 2012

  Autumnal Joys

Hurricane Sandy's devastation has been just that: devastating. That wolfish wind
 has wreaked havoc on countless homes and properties. Most unfortunately, there
 were several people who perished as a result of this monstrous storm (heavy sigh).  
Our thoughts are with those who have been severely affected by this disaster.
Yet, amidst all the suffering and destruction, Ms. Sandy's dreaded arrival did bear one
positive  perk. She reminded us to be appreciative of not only toaster ovens, Subway lines, nightstand lights, text messaging, and daily coffee runs, but also of the glorious outdoors.
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There are moments when I catch myself shrugging off  the gift of mellow weather and instead dwell on my various troubles. There will always be some kind of petty excuse to not indulge in a perfectly balmy day. The whiny voice in one's mind will always grumble that it's too sunny, too chilly, too far, too tiring, too time-consuming to explore the adventures of Mother Nature. What then reminds me to pause and soak up her magnificent bounty?
When she turns towards me with a chilling glare and the sound of fury. That's when I'm like "okay, Nature. Take a whiff of lavender and relax! I won't be inappreciative anymore. I promise."
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Below are several autumnal activities to revel in once Ms. Sandy packs her purse, salutes the town with a devilish wink, and whisks her way back to heaven (or hell).
Basking in these outdoor activities will remind one that, in reality, Nature is sweetly sensuous, emotionally pacifying, and just plain awesome.

Apple Picking
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Bite. Crunch. Watch drips of juice trickle down the fruit. Repeat. There are a few outdoor activities that feel more fall-like than apple-picking. Grab a family member, friend, or significant other and leisurely stroll down the orchards with your basket in hand.
Horseback Riding
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Sure, you can slide up, swing a leg, and then shout "get a move on horsie!" all year round... but when you do that in the fall, it seems all the more romantic. The sound of hoof beats over a blanket of crispy leaves and the vision of intensely hued trees as you trot on by can bring forth a curious blend of serenity and adventure. Another reason to saddle up the saddle? If you don a pair of tall riding boots and mount a stallion, then you can easily pose as a Ralph Lauren model or Downtown Abbey character--whichever one you like--just remember to bring the camera.

A Stroll in Central Park and then a Sip in Central Perk
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I won't have to elaborate on this one. It's straightforward and enjoyable. Whether you choose to go solo or with a friend make sure that you inhale and exhale deeply and live in the moment.  
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 If only I could look this glamorous when I take a walk
Enjoy these activities over the next several weekends and don't forget to tip your hat to nature and most importantly to the Creator of it all. With every day that isn't clouded by a gloomy, behemoth storm--there is an added reason to be sincerely thankful.


  1. Oh my glad you stopped by, I LOVE your blog it's awesome. I just did a similar post and I hope you check it out. You write really well too. Can't wait to see more and I will follow. Good luck!

    1. Thanks Sharon! I am already a regular follower of your blog-lol. It's awesome. Thank you again for your support.