Sunday, October 21, 2012

         Have you ever ogled an exquisite emerald green shirt only to neglect it on the rack because you were thrown by what color to pair it with?  Is black your best friend and beige your bosom buddy? The day has arrived for you to bid a temporary adieu to black and neutrals and bestow a welcoming hug to the fanciful universe of color. After all, “color war” is an activity we left behind in camp (along with bunk-raiding and daddy long-leg squashing). We are now officially at ease with color. In fact, we kind of love it.
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         In the monthly “Color Coding” column, a color that is inspired by either seasonal motifs or runway trends will be featured. This column will also include the various ways in which one can wear the featured color.

         This month we present the OXBLOOD hue a.k.a. burgundy. Yes, yes—I know Fashion publications already showcased fall’s proclaimed love affair with oxblood, but what many of them haven’t included in their pages is HOW to wear this deliciously luxe color. Read on to discover how oxblood/burgundy can become your wardrobe's new neutral.

Neutrals (such as creame and gray) effortlessly enhance burgundy's sophistication.

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Sweet, dainty Pink? Meet your older and bolder sister Burgundy.
Burgundy and Pink are extremely polished when paired together, as their hues (and "temperaments") contrast and therefore complement each other.

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When burgundy teams up with blue, it creates a cool yet quirky outfit.
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Christian Dior Fall 2012
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Street Style from Milan (left) and Celine Spring 2011 (right)

The key to enabling a monochromatic outfit to look this sumptuous? Mix your textures. Consider wool, leather, fur, and other materials.
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Peter Som Fall 2012
A loose Fisherman's Sweater + a clean-cut leather skirt is styling genius, while a neutral toned purse serves to subdue the intensity of the burgundy.
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Blair Eadie from

Although it requires a bit of cheek, a Burgundy + Tangerine combination is surprisingly lovely. The unlikely matrimony of these two hues creates a playful, on-trend look. 
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Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2012

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Photos from (left) and (right)

Luxury designer Alexander Wang once stated that "burgundy is neither a brown nor a red, but it has the best qualities of both." I don't know about you, but I'm for all color that offers me the best of two worlds--especially when that color is as rich and luscious as a tall glass of coveted wine.

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