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Wear Your Invisible Crown’s Spring 2013 Faves
Part 1
It’s preposterous how feverishly fashion moves. It’s like they’re running—not strolling—across those already zipping airport walkways, while the rest of us weary passengers are barely trekking our luggage.
 Of course, we know why the Fall 2013 Fashion Shows have to be debuted even before the arrival of Spring. Barneys and Neiman Marcus have to order and ship in fall collections months in advance. Vogue and Elle need to write columns on autumnal trends while it’s still a 97 degree day in July.  We know the drill. Modernism demands one to be ahead of time, to always look for the “next big thing” (boy, I’ve been watching too many of those Samsung commercials). At any rate, this ravenous hunt for the “next big thing” applies just as accurately to fashion as it does to technology.
          So, while the rest of the fashion velt is kvelling over Fall 2013’s mega-hot collections at Lincoln Center, I, the puny Jewish blogger, will focus on the present: The impending arrival of fresh, glorious spring. In honor of that, I would like to share with you a few of my favorite collections from Spring 2013.

Tory Burch Spring 2013 
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“The Spring 2013 collection is about the American prep remix. We were thinking about a stylish magpie who picks up special pieces while traveling around the world and always mixes them with classic sportswear.” --Tory

Indeed, there is no better way to describe this runway. Bohemian detailing and fluidity coupled with conservative structure makes this collection both youthful and wearable. The woman who gathers her inspiration from Tory Burch 2013 will strike the crowd as a suave Wall Streeter who is suddenly lured by spontaneous adventure. She’ll tell her employer “Listen, Mr. Bossy-Pants, it’s July and I can’t stand NY humidity. I’m heading to Brazil for a month. Adios!” She’ll return with an enviable tan and a relaxed glow, and as Tory Burch said, she’ll also “pick up special pieces while traveling.” Who doesn’t want to be this phantom mademoiselle? She is reassured by classic style but also willing to experiment with globe-trotting trends.
Meanwhile, in reality-ville, I’m strumming my fingers because I cannot (yet) afford to buy a Tory Burch shoelace...nevermind a skirt. No matter though.
I’ll try to snag the collection’s theme anyways. How? Take a look.
Tailored jackets and pencil skirts are enlivened by fringe detailing, mixed textures, and exotic necklaces and purses. Tasseled loafers add prepster coolness. Shop your wardrobe or hit the bargain stores to create this look.
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Pair your (preferably patterned) maxi skirts with airy tunics. Try to purchase a few artsy accessories as well. They bring just the right amount of whimsy to an otherwise simple ensemble. The result? “Easy, breezy, beautiful Tory Burch girl.”
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It’s All in the Deets…
The detailing and craftsmanship that went into this collection speak for themselves. I will not elaborate on the exquisite needlepoint, beaded sandals, and cheerful pop-poms…All you have to do is take a peek and let your eyes revel.
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We hope you enjoyed Part 1 of our Spring 2013 Review. We’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions. Stay tuned for more!
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