Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Editor’s Edition

Welcome back to our bi-monthly column: The “St-EYE-lista”! This column features an individual whose personal style captured our EYE and whose fashion sense can be reinterpreted for the modest dresser. From talk-show hosts to socialites and from Creative Directors to bloggers, Wear Your Invisible Crown prides itself on revealing the kaleidoscopic gamut of fashion ingénues and icons. From January until March we will specifically focus on style icons who are (or once were) Editors of prominent fashion publications. We look forward to presenting our audience with an array of style and information regarding our featured Editors. Enjoy this special one!
       There are certain runway clothing that will make your face contort into a “who-on-G-d’s-green-earth-would-wear that?” kind of expression. They just will.
       Alexander McQueen can send a gown down the runway that will make your eyes voice shock and your nose scrunch in disapproval. Well, while you’re sitting in the Front Row and clutching your poor heart, there is someone out there whose eyes are expressing rapture and whose lips are positively dancing.
“Bellisma!” she exclaims, clapping her jewelry laden hands together.   
That someone is Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Japan, Anna Dello Russo.
       Described as a “Fashion Maniac” by legendary photographer Helmut Newton, Anna Dello Russo approaches style with the sheer enthusiasm of a 5-year old girl playing dress-up. Her frocks, skirts, and shoes (she has 4,000 of those!) are ridiculously ostentatious. Exaggerated silhouettes that remind one of a vulture, hats shaped like eggs, fiercely colored shoes—this woman owns it all.
In addition, if the name "Anna Dello Russo" rings a bell, there’s a chance you heard it this past Fall. In October 2012, Anna designed a delightfully gaudy accessories collection for H & M.
We specifically chose to feature Anna Dello Russo prior to Purim, because perhaps HER everyday wear can potentially inspire YOUR costume. Who knows?
CAUTION: You’ll need just a bit of humor to appreciate this enamoring lady.
She dons Art with a Capital A
Anna gravitates towards clothing that exudes ART. She cannot seem to resist floral appliqués, carefully painted colors, or idiosyncratic pattern. The stranger the pattern is... the better.
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(Left: and Right: via photographer Anthea Simms during NYFW Fall 2013)

Cray Cray Hats!

Birds of a Feather, Baby
All you PETA wanna-bes, please don’t lash out on Anna. Sure, this lady has enough fur to build herself a fur teepee, but she’s also down-to-earth and hilarious. Need proof? Watch the video clip on the bottom of the page.

Photo Credit via Stockholm Street Style (Right)

Everyone Occasionally Yearns for Simplicity. Yes, even Anna.

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Ten Fashion Rules According to Anna Dello Russo

Courtesy of
  • Don’t carry a big handbag—it makes for a lot of trouble. A small bag is more personal, more about you.
  • Wear night clothes in the daytime. This is my favorite rule to break, because every day is a fashion day. Every day you have to be an optimist.
  • Be bold—always a provocative message. Don’t think about what people want from you. Have the philosophy of children. They don’t put limits on their fantasy.
  • I like to go to the airport perfectly dressed up. Then on the plane, I change into my Abercrombie pants.
  • If you’re not that important, you cannot be wearing sunglasses inside.
  • I prefer to go barefoot rather than wear cheap shoes.
  • Take the best from every woman that you know. I always copy women I see who dresses well.
  • Take inspiration from books, magazines, literature, poets. Fashion needs a lot of culture.
  • Don’t eat or drink during a fashion show. It’s not polite.
        It’s commonplace to misjudge Anna Dello Russo as a highly materialistic and flashy Fashion Editor. Yet, in reality, her “superficiality” is a child-like fascination with art and clothing. There is a quality that is endearing about her; a rare innocence and a sweet playfulness. Rather than an expression of narcissism and pretention, Anna Dello Russo utilizes fashion “as a means to escape the banality of everyday existence.”




  1. I like girls who wear normal clothes.

  2. This post was Purim inspired. Don't worry...98% of girls don't dress like this.