Sunday, February 10, 2013

Color Coding
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Miroslava Duma in a Dior Coat

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February’s color is FUCHSIA. Sure this color may be reminiscent of all those cheesy, jaunty hearts plastered in every store in honor of Valentine’s Day. But I assure you that is not why I chose this color for February. I care not for this holiday. Firstly I’m single, and secondly Saint Valentine has Christian roots (did the term Saint give it away?).
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Diane Von Furstenberg Fall 2012
Valentine’s Shmalentine’s aside, I chose fuchsia because it’s a perfect bridge between winter and spring. Its jewel-like tone suggests winter depth, while its undeniable buoyancy alludes to sunnier months ahead. Simply stated, fuchsia works beautifully in all seasons, as it does on all complexions. This  color  is able to suffuse warmth into every skin tone...from ivory to ebony.
What I especially like about fuchsia is that it’s feminine without being overtly girly. Unlike a paler pink, fuchsia is more ballsy. This color possesses the “characteristics” of the woman I’d like to become. Fuchsia also made an appearance on Zac Posen's Spring 2013 runway. Check out this beauty!
Zac Posen Spring 2013
Here are a few ways to don this hue
 in the upcoming months:

Fuchsia with Black or White
The striking color is accentuated when paired with these neutrals. Black provides an excellent canvas to fuchsia in the winter, as white does in the summer.
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Photo Credit: (left) and Stockholm Street Style with Caroline Issa (right)

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Model is wearing a Rag and Bone skirt
Fuchsia with Blue or Green
Being that fuchsia is a blue-based pink, it looks splendid when worn with—you guessed it. Unite these two colors if you’d like to don a creative, energetic outfit.
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And surprise! Fuchsia is even more versatile. Two of our previously featured style icons (Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl left, and Ulyana Sergeenko right) showcase how well fuchsia works with green. It represents invigoration and playful style.
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Fuchsia with Red
This color match is not for the faint-hearted. That’s why when it is worn—it paints a portrait of pure exquisiteness and shocking beauty.
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          Who cares that (along with red) fuchsia symbolizes gooey, gushy Valentine’s Day?  Luxurious, feminine, and powerful, fuchsia has become a perennial favorite for many women. It transcends the season and adds a glow to your skin.
Tell us: Is fuchsia one of your favorite colors? What would you wear it with?
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  1. Love love love the color fuchsia - it's one of my favorites. I think it would be great to wear a fuchsia bridesmaids gown to somebody's wedding.

  2. Thanks Anon. I agree. Fuchsia would look lovely on YOU. And I'm not the only who said that ;)