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The St-EYE-lista; Editor’s Edition 

Welcome back to our bi-monthly column: The “St-EYE-lista”! This column features an individual whose personal style captured our EYE and whose fashion sense can be reinterpreted for the modest dresser. From talk-show hosts to socialites and from Creative Directors to bloggers, Wear Your Invisible Crown prides itself on revealing the kaleidoscopic gamut of fashion ingĂ©nues and icons. From January until March we will specifically focus on style icons who are (or once were) Editors of prominent fashion publications. We look forward to presenting our audience with an array of style and information regarding our featured “Editors.”

Our second St-EYE-lista (The Editor’s Edition) is Giovanna Battaglia. Giovanna is the editor of L'Uomo Vogue (otherwise known as Vogue Italia) and contributing fashion editor to W magazine. Prior to her editorial role at highly prominent magazines, Giovanna was a model for Dolce and Gabbana. With drive, talent, and a sartorially keen eye she was capable of shifting her professional role and becoming the well-established fashion editor that she is today.
Giovanna’s personal style is influenced by two icons; Monica Vitti and Audrey Hepburn. The former was an Italian movie star and the latter was a British one. Indeed, Giovanna draws inspiration from fashion-conscious Italian culture as well as British classicism by mixing risk-taking accessories with tailored, timeless clothing. The juxtaposing fashion sense of Vitti and Hepburn motivate this magazine editor to create a style that is all her own. READ ON TO SEE MORE!
It’s Not Just Black-and-White, Part 1
Photo Credit: Stockholm-StreetStyle 
What do I like about Giovanna’s P.S.? She offsets the enduring appeal of black-and-white outfits with a touch of eccentricity or rebellion. Her ensembles are undeniably elegant, and by adding a pair of edgy booties, hot slingbacks, or a scarf, she earns a dozen  more “style points.” Easily.

Speaking of Scarves...

 A scarf is essential—whether it’s a heavy Pashmina in the winter or a gauzy floral in the spring—if you'd like to imitate (forgive the tired phrase) a “model off-duty” or a European citizen.
Well-Fitted and Tailored

This is where Ms. Hepburn's influence sashays its way into the picture. At times, Giovanna will lift her palm upwards and say “WWAHW”? (‘What Would Audrey Hepburn Wear?’). The response is usually a 50’s inspired coat or tailored suit.
File:Giovanna Battaglia 47.jpg
Giovanna's Evening Wear, Part 1
Black-and-white is at it again! This time—it’s evening wear. The modest dresser ought to give a round of applause for Ms. Battaglia over here. This Vogue editor knows how to dress impeccably without being revealing. She usually experiments with edgy textures or different prints to keep her evening wear au courant.

Giovanna’s Evening Wear, Part 2
Sometimes Giovanna can abandon her sleek and sophisticated aesthetic in order to indulge a girly, frou-frou side. I love how her style seems quite predictable—and then suddenly it’s “SURPRISE! I wanted to look like a ballerina today, and so I did.”
How to Look Like a Fashion Editor, Step 1: Texture
Enliven a 9-5 wardrobe with texture. Don’t just settle for polyester or rayon! The rest of your outfit can be “no-fuss” if you’re wearing a sleek metallic or leather dress.

Step 2: The Surprise Element

Ensure that you have ONE standout accessory or garment on. You can wear an ordinary pencil skirt or sweater but add a renegade heel. Conversely, your simple nude heels can foil an extravagant dress or coat. The key, of course, is balance.
Step 3: Color

Clean-Cut Silhouettes + Vibrant color= Perfection. Nuff said.
That’s all for now folks! We truly hope you enjoyed this St-EYE-lista post. We believe that Giovanna’s style is an indication of the fact that modernity and modesty are not at odds. Adding personality to your clothes does not necessarily diminish tastefulness or refinement. My former Bais Yaakov teachers may beg to differ though...Oh well. If they saw Giovanna Battaglia photos, then maybe they'd agree with me.

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  1. OMG all her outfits cover ur knees and elbows!!! so cool, ya her style is so cool, i like it alot, its like conservative always with a splash of exciting and daring.