Monday, January 14, 2013

The Editor’s Edition

Prelude: Welcome back to our bi-monthly column: The “St-EYE-lista”! This column features an individual whose personal style captured our EYE and whose fashion sense can be reinterpreted for the modest dresser. From talk-show hosts to socialites and from Creative Directors to bloggers, Wear Your Invisible Crown prides itself on revealing the kaleidoscopic gamut of fashion ing√©nues and icons. From January until March we will specifically focus on style icons who are (or once were) Editors of prominent fashion publications. We look forward to presenting our audience with an array of style and information regarding our featured “Editors.” Without further ado, here is our very first "Editor's Edition" post.

        Although the rest of the cyber universe is re-visiting last night’s Golden Globes, I’m fixating on the genuine source of creative fashion: STREET STYLE.

        Red Carpet occasions typically offer a bounty of jaw-dropping gowns, exquisite heels, and Neil Lane jewels. They are indeed eye candy, but they’re barely relevant to my own life. Perhaps one day I’ll marry the religious equivalent of Harvey Weinstein and transform into a film mogul’s wife. I’ll sport a phony tan, have a million followers on Twitter, and playfully swish my Dior gown. But until that day arrives folks, attending Boro Park weddings in TJ MAXX dresses will be the epitome of glamour for me, thank you very much.

        It is in this vein that I would like to introduce January’s first ST-EYE-LISTA; The Editor's Edition: CAROLINE ISSA. As you will soon realize, Caroline’s personal style IS highly relatable. It is eclectic and contemporary, but also extremely refined.
       Who exactly is Caroline Issa? She is a former business woman turned fashion industry maven. She holds a business degree from Wharton and previously worked at a consultancy firm agency in San Francisco. She received her initial introduction to the fashion industry when her agency sent her to consult with the company Tank, a quarterly fashion magazine in London. When she met with Tank she became quickly mesmerized with the company's creative energy. Tank offered Caroline a position at the company and she slowly yet steadily ascended to the high ranks

       Caroline Issa is currently the executive fashion director of Tank, editor-in-chief of Because magazine (a digital fashion start-up) and fashion director of the Tank Form consulting agency. She is also the darling of renowned street-style photographers (such as The Sartorialist, Tommy Ton, and Phil Oh).

       Caroline’s mother is Chinese while her father is half Lebanese and half Iranian. These multi-cultural genes lend her an exotic appearance and a truly striking smile.
Let us meet the superwoman who tackles a myriad of professional responsibilities with enviable poise and style.
The First Tell-Tale Sign of a Fashion Editor?

Photo Credit:
 Print Mixing!
Take a cue from Caroline Issa: Your prints should share a similar color palette but vary in size. If you master that, then my dear friend, the universe of print-mixing splits wide before you. It is a universe that is teeming with possibilities and creativity. 

Photo Credit (right):

Ladylike Loveliness
Caroline Issa frequently integrates ladylike details and flow into her everyday wear. A floral pattern or delicate pleats can create the most inviting portrait of femininity.

 Caroline Issa is wearing a Tory Burch frock above

The Art of the Skirt

Photo Credit:

If anyone knows how to properly style a skirt, it’s Caroline Issa! In the first photo, she allows a bright, A-lined skirt to stand out. She wears it with a fitted black shirt and keeps her accessories to a minimum. In the second photo she juxtaposes the softness of her pleated skirt with an edgy biker jacket and sleek boots.

Photo Credit:

Masculine Tailoring
"I do love tailoring - maybe that harks back to my business background and suits in the 90s!" says Caroline Issa to Indeed, this fashionista is often spotted in clothing with very clean lines. Adapt a similar mantra by investing in quality garments. I personally believe it’s better to save for that Saks Fifth Avenue Sale than to stock up on Forever 21 finds. But watch me preach and not practice!

Photo Credit:
Yet another tell-tale sign of the Fashion Editor? Leopard print is a neutral. Leopard print is a neutral. Leopard print is a--okay, you get the idea. Here Carolina Issa wears a well-fitted leopard skirt with happy colors!
Rely on Your Shoes for Quirk
I like—nope, I love—the way that Caroline Issa breaks up her ensemble with an unexpected shoe choice. In the above photo, she contrasts the bourgeoisie appearance of a high-end coat and purse with a playful, turquoise heel. How’s that for not taking oneself too seriously? 

 In this photo, Caroline’s outfit screams“I’m nostalgic for my school-girl days!” while her shoes say “Nah, I’m not...totally messing with you.”
       Below are two short clips on Caroline Issa. The first is a Net-A-Porter review on Caroline Issa’s style and the second is a (mostly) modest photo shoot of Caroline for Vogue Russia. This Fashion Editor comes across as very intelligent and professional.
Love it.
       What do you think dear readers? Do you like Caroline’s fashion sense? What about her career? Do you find it as inspiring as I do that she bravely switched her profession (in spite of inherent risks) and worked dedicatedly to become who she is today? Leave your comments below.
Stay tuned for January’s second St-EYE-lista; The Editor’s Edition!
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