Sunday, January 13, 2013

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      As the Editor of a blog that gears towards the 20-something Jewish single girl, I like to post to about various community events that can potentially attract our audience.
      I’m very sorry that I didn’t mention this community event earlier! Oy! It’s happening today (from 2:00 to 6:30) in Manhattan. The price may be higher if you didn’t register in advance (sorry again!) but read the below description anyways. If you’re in the general area of the event and don’t have a specific agenda for the day, it may be well worth a visit.

Congregation Talmud Torah Adereth El
133 E 29th St
NYC, New York 10016
Contact: Iris Roth
Prices: with reservations: $ 36.00
Observance: Modern Orthodox

INNER SELF/OUTER SELF: A unique seminar especially designed for seriously marriage minded Jewish women. Includes a makeover from head to toe to be your best self and increase your potential for marriage. On board will be make up artists, hair stylists, a nutritional therapist, personal trainer, dating coach/matchmaker, image consultant/stylist and ZUMBA (bring sneakers). There will be demonstrations, discussions, personal applications, give-a-ways, prizes & refreshments. Sunday January 13th, Congregation Talmud Torah Adereth El, 133 E 29th St, NYC (between Lexington & 3rd Ave). 2:00 – 6:30pm, registration is at 1:45 p.m. 
Call 973-851-9070 for more information!
This event hopes to transform you from a single, cat-loving Jewish girl into a good Jewish mother doing her requisite Shabbos shopping.
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Lily Donaldson from Harper's Bazaar January 2011 (left) and Lily Donaldson from Vogue Italia March 2007.
       Okay, so even though my inner feminist is kind of reluctant to embrace the whole “let’s make ourselves beautiful so we can appeal even more to men and increase our potential for marriage” vibe of this event, I would still like to attend (gasp!). If I didn’t have an early wedding to frolic to this evening, then I would totally swing by.
      The event seems to offer a healthy dose of socialization and relaxation. I would be interested in meeting other Jewish single girls and perhaps exchanging contact information with a matchmaker? The pampering (makeup tips, hairstyle services, and Zumba lessons) doesn’t sound terrible either. I would try to go with an open mind and just enjoy it sans any ridiculous "Shidduch pressure." What do you think? Would you go to this kind of event?


  1. I am also torn. For one thing, I don't believe someone is single because they need to wear more makeup or lose 10 pounds. After all, are the guys going to Zumba?

    But it sounds like fun in that you have this day out with a bunch of other like-minded gals, joking about what idiots men are, etc, etc.

  2. OMG ya I would totally go!! I definitely hear what ur saying about promoting the idea of "looks is everything", BUT its important to look your best for yourself too, not just for doods. Also, ya it does sound like a breath of fresh air from other singles events, no pressure, and it sounds so fun, very up my ally. I would have also gone but I actually had class on Sunday till around 12:30 pm so I dont now if i would have made it in time to register. Very cool. ty for posting :)

  3. Sure. No problem guys. Thanks for your comments :) We're like-minded in many ways I see..