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Would You Wear...?

Would You Wear…?

Welcome back to our “Would You Wear…?” column! This column introduces trends that would perhaps challenge the status-quo (as far as wardrobes are concerned). It will usually feature a style that is either unfamiliar to you or requires a bit of daring on your part. If you haven't seen our last "Would You Wear...?" post, then please click on the label below THIS post.

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Tom Ford Fall 2011
        There are days when my mother’s tendency to keep clothing from the 1950s-1990s can overcrowd that random wardrobe on the first floor, making it increasingly difficult to eye my own random skirt lying pitifully in the clutter. Why is there so much unnecessary stuff? Then there are days when I proclaim my mother a genius for stubbornly clutching on to the Anne Klein heels circa 1990 (back in the days when they were crafted in Italy!) and a purely wool, Anne Taylor “Grandpa” cardigan circa 1982 (Williamsburg hipsters--be jealous). One of my favorite items from the “random wardrobe-slash-Mother’s personal Smithsonian” is a deep green, velvet GAP skirt from the early nineties.
       As soon as I found it, I tried it on, zipped it up and twirled it around. Fortunately, the skirt is the perfect fit and length. To this day, I marvel at its magnetic simplicity. Wearing this skirt is like wrapping caramel around my legs—minus all the stickiness of course. The texture and color are delicious. But, there is one conundrum: What on earth do I wear with velvet? Especially hunter green velvet? Do you have a modus operandi for tackling this striking yet notoriously tricky fabric? I don’t!

So, let’s go on a journey and see what pairs well with it:

Velvet Blazers
I adore velvet blazers because they are versatile yet unpredictable, polished yet slightly cutting edge. Velvet blazers can be slouchy, but I personally prefer when they are well-tailored and fitted. A velvet blazer exudes sophistication when paired with a sheath in a similar color but different texture.  
I'm not the only one who likes velvet jackets. Apparently, actress Sarah Jessica Parker does too! She wears it with sequined dresses to create intriguing texture.

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A velvet blazer can be casual too! A velvet blazer + graphic tee + denim = daredevil rocker with a lush, ladylike streak, while a velvet blazer + vest + newsboy cap= preppy English student with a mysterious glamour.

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Velvet Dresses and Skirts
If you own a sleeveless velvet dress, then take a fashion tip from British designer Alice Temperley and pair with a crème, silky blouse. Once again, blending various textures is key to highlighting the velvet. Silk + Velvet=Downtown Abbey luxury. Enough said.
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 Temperley Fall 2012

A dark, velvet skirt is more versatile than one presumes! An embellished floral blouse complements the luxurious femininity of velvet. 
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Velvet Maxi Skirts
A velvet maxi skirt may seem daunting to tackle, but I personally believe it can be the chicest of all looks. Keep a velvet maxi skirt modern by contrasting it with a loose, tomboyish item like a denim jacket OR hoodie. Both of these toppers are unexpected yet fashion-savvy choices; they’re a perfect collision of Edwardian romanticism and Nirvana grunge.

If that style is too daring for your taste, then opt for a classic take on velvet maxi skirts: Pair it with an unfussy, solid shirt. I LOVE this look below. It’s alluring and timelessly elegant.

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Velvet in Jewel Tones
Velvet in a jewel tone is reminiscent of kings and queens, and at Wear Your Invisible Crown, we’re all about channeling your inner royalty. A richly hued velvet dress would be a genuine knockout at any formal event. L'Wren Scott (left) and Tom Ford (right) have exquisite dresses. A girl can dream...
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Velvet is one of my favorite winter fabrics. It’s opulent and divine and warm. Many of us (including me) are hesitant to slip on velvet. But should we really be hesitant? As proven, a blazer in this material is surprisingly adaptable, while a skirt in velvet can invoke your “blah” wardrobe with some regality and sumptuousness. Now, I just need to purchase a solid, crème sweater for that vintage GAP skirt. Any recommendations?
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  1. love velvet...i should take out my maxi velvet skirt and wear it, its so fashionable. :) thanks for the ideas

  2. Yup, velvet rocks! And no problem...;)