Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Calling All Makeup Geeks
      While Wear Your Invisible Crown may be an online Mecca for modest fashion posts—or so we humbly hope—it has not dipped its toes in the pool of skincare and makeup. This is quite ironic, as I used to be a makeup hoarder. If a community like M.A.A (Makeup Addicts Anonymous) existed, then I would've be a supporting member. I would have proudly burst into M.A.As with my M.A.Cs.  Yet, after a couple of years, this fixation with eyeliners, lipsticks, and powders dissipated and paved the way for an interest in sartorial style.
      As the editor of this blog, however, I still wanted to have makeup articles for all XX chromosome readers (or XY chromosome readers who find the female universe—brimming with frills, lace, and nail polish—laughably ridiculous and bewildering).
      This explains why when I met Talia Silver, from Silver Linings Makeup Artistry, I grew excited. Talia is a talented makeup artist whose work on clients appears to be both natural and luscious. Neither over-the-top nor too minimal, Talia’s artistry strikes the proverbial “just right” balance. (Check out photos of her work on her Facebook page!)
Talia Silver applying makeup on a client
      We are delighted to have Talia Silver on board as the official Skincare and Makeup contributor. Take a look at her first post below offering excellent advice on "How to Protect and Nourish your Skin; Part 1."
How to Protect and Nourish your Skin; Part 1
       Everyone wants great skin, but unfortunately, not everyone has an easy time getting great skin. There are many different problems that can affect us from dryness to oiliness to sensitivity, breakouts and all kinds of skin conditions. The good news? While we do not have total control over what our skin has in store, we can do our best to keep it in good condition. Even slight changes can make big differences over time. So what should be my skincare routine?
In the Morning:
       Wash your face with a cleanser. This will freshen your skin for the day and get rid of the oils produced overnight. You may then choose to follow with a toner. (preferably alcohol-free). Toners remove dead skin cells, promote skin cell regeneration, remove anything left over from washing and tighten your pores. Follow with an oil-free moisturizer and let it sink in a couple minutes before applying your makeup. Please do your best to get some SPF onto your face whether in your moisturizer, primer, foundation or in a facial sunscreen, especially if you plan on spending a lot of time outside during the day. But let's leave my rant about sun damage for another time!
At Night:
       Wash your face with a cleanser, making sure to remove all dirt and makeup from the day. Use a makeup remover on a cotton pad for any leftover eye makeup. You can then choose to use a toner.
      If you have particular spots you want to treat, you can use a salicylic acid spot treatment - but be careful because they tend to be drying. I like to use these at night over my moisturizer. Sometimes I dab on some tea tree oil instead (you can buy the extract from a health food store - beware the smell.)
      If you feel like you need help with the texture or surface of your skin, have a lot of blackheads or clogged pores, I would recommend a facial or two between now and a special event. Facials do leave you red for a few days after so I would suggest testing one out soon if you have never had one before and book one no later than a week before your event day.
That's all for now - all my love - Talia of Silver Lining Makeup Artistry.
About Talia Silver: I live in Toronto, Canada and I am an artist turned makeup artist, with a scientific edge. From the beginning of high school I have grown as an artist, working with all kinds of mediums, and done projects from full scale wall murals to costume design and stage makeup. While in seminary I received a full scholarship for GLOW academy beauty school in Toronto and when I returned I went to get my certification in makeup artistry (specializing in bridal makeup and airbrushing). Since, I have done projects for Miss Teen Canada World, Fashion Style, Hamilton's Theatrical Supply, and showcased at the IMATS (International Makeup Artists Trade Show).
Right now, I mostly freelance doing bridal and event makeup. On my other side, I am fascinated by science and I am working on my BSc in biology from York University in Toronto. My hopes are to one day get my masters degree in Cosmetic Science, combining my two passions. Feel free to check out my work and Facebook page at I hope to continue to update you on makeup trends with blogs and tutorials. If you have any questions, or topics you would like addressed, then please ask!


  1. That is WAYYYY too much work just to look nice.

    1. My Good Sir: "Welcome to the wonderful world of women!"

  2. Great post!! I have a question though. In the past when I used toner from Clinique I sometimes saw that I broke out more because of them. Is this because I wasnt using it properly or was it just not the right formula for my skin type? (i have dry skin and used the purple one)

    Oh and Frumgeek, I guess you are clearly clueless as to not realizing everything a woman does in order to feel like she looks her best

  3. Hey Anon! I'm personally no makeup expert,(I should ask Talia to get back and answer these questions, lol) but I think that Clinique just wasn't right for you. I use that brand of toner and it doesn't make me break out more. I've tried other brands and THOSE make me break out. Everyone's skin responds to different formulas. That's one of the frustrating things about makeup/skincare usually takes some experimenting to see which brand works best for you. Good luck on your search!

  4. I can't comment on Talia's actual post because I'm an XYer, although checking out her Facebook pictures had me enthralled (especially the girl from the IMATS Showcase- WOW!).

    The lengths that women go to pretty themselves up for a date I'm familiar with, but that it's a nightly affair, ouch. My female relatives, generally, definitely do not do this sort of stuff. Intense.

    1. Yes! Isn't her makeup artistry beautiful? Glad you checked it out! :)

      Many women do this, because we'd like to focus on obtaining healthy skin instead of having to cover blemishes with makeup. When it comes to grooming, you dudes have it all too easy. Count your blessings XYers of the world.

    2. It really is. I'm beginning, for better or worse, to get an understanding of the brilliance of aestheticians. I can now tell who's wearing makeup, how much, if they're using bronzer, if it's overdone, natural looking, etc. etc. It's quite the science.

      Believe you me, I do :)