Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Never-Disappointing O.P. and Her Spring Style
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        In the Jewish Girl World, socialite Olivia Palermo is heralded as the fashion equivalent of Harry Houdini. She’s got more style tricks up her sleeve than the rest of us. Olivia is admired for her refined yet contemporary aesthetic, and for her feminine dresses laced with edgy urbanity. Above all, she makes modesty look like the crème de la crème of all styles; highly creative but unpretentious. Do you remember when we featured Ms. Palermo in October’s Style Icon column? (If not, then please click on the Olivia Palermo label below this post!) Although we already covered this socialite’s fashion sense, we would like to reintroduce it in light of the glorious spring season!

Take a look below and see how this style icon brings casual elegance to the warmer months.

Opposites Attract, Baby
If you’re a loyal reader of Wear Your Invisible Crown (thank you by the way!), then you already know that we have a full-blown crush on clashing prints. Olivia Palermo shares our fixation too! Clashing prints is instantly fashion-forward and allows you to remix your clothing easily. Two perks for the price of one. The ubiquitous rule for mixed prints: they should share a similar color palette but vary in size

P.S. A leopard accessory (like Palermo's belt) is viewed as a neutral and can be worn with
many of your clothes.
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 Pairing Stripes with Florals "is both adorably kitschy and polished" says Lucky Mag.
To the Max

Maxi skirts are equal parts modest and trendy. They add a “no sweat” element to summer dressing. Take a look at how Olivia translates the maxi skirt for work, weekend, and a night on the town.
WORK: Worn with a crisp button down (tucked in/belted or knotted at the waist) and ladylike pumps, a maxi skirt is elevated to a professional level. This look is definitely unique and has effortless panache.
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WEEKEND: These images of Olivia conjure the romance and vibrancy of spring perfectly. When paired with a lightweight sweater or silk blouse, maxi skirts epitomize breezy allure. Bonus points for a colorful, spring themed purse!
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NIGHT ON THE TOWN: No girl wants to sweat it during a humid summer date night. Acquire the "maximum out of your maxi," and wear this skirt for evening as well. A maxi skirt can be elevated from casual to formal in a cinch by pairing it with the right accessories (a special clutch) and shoes (perhaps wedge sandals or pumps). Palermo contrasts the feminine skirt with a bad- a$$ motorcycle jacket.
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Office Cool 
When it comes to dressing for a summer job or internship, I am usually at loss. I tend to stare at my closet with a slight sense of despondency. What outfit will fend off sweat stains and appear professional? Olivia Palermo seems to have the answer.
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 Notice how she opts for simple ensembles in neutral palettes and relaxed fabrics. Silk button downs, flowy skirts, and cotton dresses seem to dominate her spring/summer wardrobe. When she adds a necklace, belt, or heel she hits the corporate stride with style.
A Spring Affair
For those of us who are looking for fashion inspo in terms of spring weddings and summer soirees, we need not look further than Olivia’s exquisite taste. She either goes all-out 'feminine' (with lush floral patterns and delicate material) or she creatively adds a dose of edge by tossing on a blazer over a dress.

 As mentioned in October’s Style Icon column, Olivia is addicted to slouchy or tailored blazers. And why wouldn’t she be? They can easily add boyish nonchalance or masculine structure to the most dainty of dresses. This kind of ensemble is both undeniably cool and romantic.

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       Olivia Palermo clearly has an enviable knack for mixing prints, colors and textures to create trendy but polished looks. It’s no wonder that we Orthodox women stalk this Upper East Side socialite and follow her every voguish move. She consistently proves that modesty, comfort, and style can merge in harmony. This spring, Olivia is our ultimate fashion muse. Will she be yours? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Wow. She could walk around Flatbush in most of these and not get spit on!

    One question though, what's a 'print'?

    1. Lol. Yup, totally! There's even article that appeared in New York mag called "Orthodox Jews take Fashion Inspiration from Olivia Palermo Apparently." Now, you see why :)

      You really don't know what a print is Mr.? Or are you just trying to be funny?

    2. lol really? Thats so cool!

      It's a design I'm guessing?

    3. Yeah, a print is design. Stripes are considered a "print" as are polka-dots and paisely. Men wear prints too (ties, socks, etc.), not just women! Lol. We gotta educate you on a few basic "girly stuff," so you can be prepared for your future wife's references.

    4. lol well I'm reading this blog, aren't I? :)

    5. I don't know where, but I've heard of Olivia Palermo. Have you written about her before?

      Who would have thought that in these times there would be a fashion designer who was designing modest clothing? Remarkable. Beautiful designs.

    6. I find it hilarious and cute that guys are commenting on these fashion posts. Where are my girlies?! Just kidding ;)

      L & F: She's not a fashion designer. She's just a wealthy American-Italian socialite living on the Upper East Side. But as you've said, her taste is undeniably modest and exquisite. Because of this, we've featured her a few times on this site :)

    7. Ha.

      Oh. Socialites. How British. Whoever came up with the idea of a socialite anyway?

    8. Lol, yes..quite British. Olivia Palermo has rich parents and they would get a lot of publicity. That's what made her a so-called socialite I guess. She's also a model and was an actress on a reality show called "The City."

    9. I like her fashion so I hope she doesn't have the same ignominious end as the Salahi socialites of White House-crashing fame.